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Airboxr makes business analysis on spreadsheets 10X faster.  Our aim is to integrate with (for now) Google Sheets to allows business users access to enhanced functionalities—data from external sources, custom formulas, and AI-powered data cleaning.  80% of business analysts' time is wasted on simply collecting and cleaning data.  We are going to change that for good, so they can spend their time on actual analysis instead.

Airboxr is a new venture by two entrepreneurs with roots in Entrepreneur First. We are now focused on building a global, world-class product and looking for motivated, world-class talent to make it happen.  

About the Role

You will get to work closely (in as much as social distancing will allow) with both the founders and get exposed to a wide range of strategic and tactical responsibilities. You'll get one-on-one mentoring and guidance, as well as opportunity to be a part of a lean, early-stage team. We care more about your learning speed than what you can do right now.

As a Software Developer Intern at Airboxr, you’ll help build the product as an equal part of the team. You’ll be expected to adapt to changing product requirements based on customer feedback and working along a fluid product development plan. Apart from building, you’ll also be responsible for maintaining and updating your technical work. Lastly, you'll be in charge of documenting technical requirements and how-to's, and potentially working on product design.


  • Write frontend/backend code, deploy to production and maintain/upgrade it as needed. The most important metric for you would be how much of your code gets pushed to production.
  • Build out integrations to external applications that our clients have their data on.
  • Work closely with the founders and participate in planning our technical strategy.
  • Occasionally, interact with customers to gather feedback on the product.
  • Take initiative in user testing as we push out product updates.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Currently studying computer science. Students from non-computing engineering faculties are welcome if they can demonstrate experience in software development through past projects / work.

Qualifications that will increase your chances for selection:

  • Experience of working on frontend/backend projects.
  • Experience of working with REST APIs.
  • Fluency in strongly typed programming languages and go-to frameworks. Especially, but not limited to, C#, Typescript and React.
  • Experience of working with Google Apps Script.

This role is open only to Singaporean/PR applicants.  The role may be extended to six months for qualifying candidates to make them eligible for university credits.

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